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Hostal Dulcinea - Hostel in Madrid

Calle Cervantes, 19 - 2nd Right
28014 - Madrid
+34 914 299 309

How to get

From the airport
Metro: From the Airport line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios, from there take line 6 to Cuatro Caminos and below line 1 to Anton Martin.
Bus: Direct from Airport to Plaza Cibeles, the Hostal Dulcinea is located about 300 meters from Cibeles.
If you come by car we have parking next
There are 2 parkings near the Hostel, the Hotel Palace and the Plaza de las Cortes.
Hostal Madrid - Hostal Dulcinea

Hostel in the center of Madrid

Calle Cervantes, 19 - 2nd Right

28014 - MADRID

Phone: +34 914 299 309